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CA DIGITAL – As you can read from our name, we do not only offer digital treatment solutions, but also a completely digital solution to order patient individual products from us. Therefore we have created an easy-to-use patient management system for your practice , the so called Online Treatment Manager. Thanks to its numerous practical applications and intuitive features the Treatment Manager is an excellent aid that simplifies workflows for both you and us.

Easy, practical, flexible – Register now and get started

All you need to do is simply register and get started with the Treatment Manager – the program will guide you quickly through the registration process. As a registered user, you will have full access to use all functions.

Frequently asked questions

Which file formats can be used currently?


Can I use my own 3D scanner?

In principle yes, as long as your scanner can generate "STL" files, scan models in occlusion and the file size of the models does not exceed 30 MB (an ideal file size would be under 20 MB).

I only have one model for planning. Can I make a change with only one jaw?

No. You always require both jaws for segmentation and the planning module. Nonetheless, if you still wish to create a plan, you should use a "placeholder model" as a counterbite (i.e. the opposing arch) when scanning.

What is the maximum size for 3D files that need to be uploaded to the CA DIGITAL shop?

Maximum 20 MB per jaw.

Do I need to be certified to order products from CA DIGTAL?

New certification guidelines shall apply with effect from 1 Ferburary 2017. As an orthodontis or general practitioner you can easily register online, and order almost all products except the Thermoforming Version of the CA® CLEAR ALIGNER. The Thermoforming version can only be purchased by customers who can verify with a SCHEU-DENTAL certification course/laboratory course.

Do I need to notify UPS or will this be taken care of by CA DIGITAL?

If you want your shipment to be picked up by UPS, then you need to arrange for a pickup date with UPS. Note that UPS have amended their pickup conditions. With immediate effect, pickup charges shall apply. This means that if you are a UPS customer but do not have a customer number then you are required to pay a fee of €3 to €7 to the driver for the journey to the pickup location.

However, as we would like to continue our usual service of free pickup of plaster models, we have decided that, in future too, we shall bear the additional charges for you.

For us to assume the costs for the newly introduced pickup fees, we request you to enter the CA DIGITAL UPS customer number ("86Y1R0") and our postcode ("40822"), in addition to the other usual pickup information, in the entry form. Also see image below.

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